Our company principles

Everything we do is guided by a few basic rules:

Use the right tools

Open source solutions scale well and serve today's objectives and tomorrow's needs. We specialize in Drupal, Python, hosting infrastructure, and scalable workflows

Keep things simple

Our solutions are scalable because we find patterns and develop proven workflows. We work smart by automating what we can, and we tailor every solution to the people who use it

Stay current

A unique advantage of staying small is never getting too attached to one solution. Working with large client initiatives and small client projects keeps our finger on the pulse

Respect client expertise

We can't know it all! Instead of doing it all, we leverage the skills and resources you already have to get the job done. Join us at Lab Hours and let us show you how to be self-sufficient

Have fun!

Doing things right gives us a sense of accomplishment, and we apply that to everything we do. We mix work and play, and enjoy building this intentional life together

Allie helps you design solutions that support long-term goals while meeting short-term needs
You're unstoppable when Jer's got your back. He can help you solve any problem and never makes you feel stupid
The best part of working with Advantage Labs is sharing ideas with other clients

Allie founded Advantage Labs in 2004 and never let go of the idea that it should be possible to create a sustainable business module that supports open source development while helping people solve everyday problems.

We focused on building Drupal solutions, and have made many contributions to the Drupal project and the local community. We've provided a place for the local Drupal community to grow and learn in the Twin Cities since 2006, and we've offered a range of free and paid training opportunities, ongoing support, and knowledge transfer for clients.

In 2014, we scaled our team down to just the two of us and focused on our family, and our core values. We live intentionally, and have built a business around our values of fun, family, travel, and adventure.

Our work priorities include developing unique solutions and complex integrations, providing a well-managed hosting infrastructure, and a offering place for our customers to work on their sites and build self-sufficiency.